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Twinkling Tots

5 - 10 years

Twinkling Tots

The name itself suggest that this program is specifically designed for our creative little ones as they get busy exploring the world through this journal. It also helps them to learn about the values to become a good human being and a better version of them.

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The world in me

This journal is a very colorful one, which focuses on understanding the child’s superpowers, learning about different values like honesty, discipline, time management, perseverance and thankfulness. It emphasizes on the importance of being kind, independent, generous and responsible and have a healthy living.

Price : 900750

The world and me

This is the final phase of our journal where our little ones are now equipped and march towards the real world and make their impression on it. They are empowered with innovation, growth mindset and creativity. They become collaborators, problem solvers and learn to treat the world with respect and empathy. Finally they will be able to realize that true happiness is only through sharing and caring.

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