Why do we do profiling?

In order of discover the superpowers in every child , it is very important to know the current status (version) of his competencies and for this we have designed a simple and yet effective tool to measure the level of each competencies that we are aiming to refine and excel. In our profiling tool we have listed a series of simple questions that have to be answered honestly either by the child or by the guardian.

Based on the answers, we then move on to the next level where we measure the responses that enable us to understand the strengths and areas of improvements. This profiling will be repeated after 6 months to see where the needle is moved. EQ are MQ are muscles which needs to be built in consistent and steady way.

It would take 20-30 minutes of time to fill the entire questionnaire
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Disclaimer : This is not a psychometric test. This is applicable only for Blazing Champs with age group 8-13 years

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