April 7, 2021

Achieving Serenity with Mindfulness!

As I was reflecting on the topic of Mindfulness, I came across this wonderful quote by John Bradshaw:

“Children are natural Zen masters; their world is brand new in each and every moment.”

I think this quote defines the very essence of mindfulness as it is nothing but a skill to celebrate the present moment through your senses, feelings and the mind. It is as though the now moment creates ripples in our whole being that wipes out the non-reality of the past and the future and makes it possible to generate, renew and create.

It seems to be an unreachable goal, but it is fascinating to know that children already have this skill of mindfulness. Just watch a child building their blocks, tasting their favourite ice cream, playing with a pet and you witness the celebration of the moment. Every moment is like a white paper ready to be filled with new experiences and a new version of the world.

It is very important to promote and enhance the technique of mindfulness especially in times of stress and anxiety. Mindfulness increases happiness, patience and acceptance.It helps the child to have a deeper sense of self awareness, manage their emotions positively and remain focused.

It is not only important but urgent to make sure that children possess mindfulness while they get caught up in the web of social media and gaming. Such addiction has led children to be alienated from the real world and the present moment. They find it stressful to balance their life and this is where we can mentor our kids to be able to cope with the present reality.

Here are some ways you can help your child to practice mindfulness.

  • a) Celebrate the moment This is a fun game where you can ask your child to close their eyes and observe whatever they hear, smell and feel. Do this every day for a few minutes. Do this especially before starting homework, or any important task as it helps them to calm down and come back to the moment.
  • b) Mindful Breathing Breathing exercise is an age old tradition and it is very easy for children to do. Mindful breathing is done especially when the child is stressed or anxious about something.
  • c) Self Awareness Questions like “ What do you feel right now?”, “Why do you feel this way?” helps the child to word out what they are experiencing. Naming the feeling makes it easier for the child to cope and handle it positively.
  • d) Check my heartbeat Ask your child to run for a minute after which, ask them to feel their heartbeat. It is an enjoyable exercise and again it helps them to calm down and become present.
  • e) Draw the moment Drawing activities are a creative and expressive way to experience mindfulness. Its therapeutic nature allows you to embrace your thoughts and calm your mind.
  • f) Journaling This helps children to become aware of the day, and as they pen down their thoughts they learn to make sense of what is happening to them. It also them to prioritize and put their mind to things that are important sifting out the unwanted toxic emotions that stifle them and make them unproductive.
  • Mindfulness is a journey , a habit to be internalized , a gift that we need to pass on. So let’s join the band wagon of mindfulness and empower our children to celebrate the moment.
  • I haven’t learnt it YET.

Pearl Raj